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Highlight your accomplishments during college on graduation day. Begin by choosing the colors that correspond with your field of study or your school colors. After making this decision, pick one of our high quality robes and caps that are perfectly designed for any commencement ceremony. The durable yet comfortable fabrics will not only flatter all different shapes and sizes, but ensure that you look the very best on your big day.

In addition to caps and gowns, Acadima offers a wide selection of stoles, medals, and cords so that each graduate can proudly display their great achievements on commencement day. Add a tassel with a metallic year signet to your cap. Include medals and other special attachments to make note of all the hard work and special achievements you worked so diligently for during your college edification.

From Bachelor’s robes to the specific pieces needed to denote a Masters degree or Doctoral candidate, every student at every degree level can be outfitted with ease.

Included in our college regalia collection:

  • Caps, gowns, tassels, stoles and other accessories needed for every level of achievement
  • A wide variety of colors and color combinations to match every university, degree, and honor
  • Sashes, cords, and other specialty items used to show extraordinary achievement

Ordering Tip:

Begin with the basic robe and cap first. Then, add specific regalia and honor items as needed.

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