Red Graduation Diplomas, Covers & Frames

2 Item(s)

2 Item(s)

Graduation Diplomas, Covers & Frames

Diplomas are the one item that is needed at every graduation ceremony. Whether it is for the tiniest Pre-K graduate up to the doctoral graduate, Acadima offers diplomas for every possible situation. Printed on standard size paper, our diplomas fit perfectly into our lovely display portfolios.

Presenting and displaying a document in a quality built frame allows students to proudly show their achievements while protecting their hard earned diplomas. Graduates will love showing off their skills and achievements with an attention grabbing diploma cover or certificate holder. A document holder or cover ensures that the diplomas are protected along with your hard work.

Keep documents and diplomas looking great long after graduation day by presenting them inside a protective frame, cover or holder. The perfect presentation piece makes it easy for students to show off their accomplishments and hard work.

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