Master's Degree Graduation Apparel

8 Item(s)

8 Item(s)

Masters Graduate Regalia

A Master’s degree is an accomplishment met by only a select few. Celebrate this momentous occasion with the proper academic apparel. Acadima carries all regalia needed for your graduation. Packages include entire ensembles that take the hard work out of finding separate pieces needed to make up an entire outfit. In some fields, faculty members usually hold a master’s degree and during formal ceremonies, these instructions are in need of a high quality cap and gown that is not only well made, but also durable.

Some universities require hoods for their graduates. Acadima offers packages including caps, gowns, and hoods to indicate your academic discipline. In addition, we offer the accessories, honor cords, and stoles required to showcase your individual achievements. We can help you with the often confusing ordering process of correct hood, chevron, lining, and colors specified by your college or university.

Those who are wearing their academic regalia for graduation ceremonies on a regular basis, such as a high school principal, may want to upgrade their current attire for a comfortable and adjustable mortarboard or Master cap. Our high quality, deluxe fluted Masters gowns keep their shape and look year after year. Matching caps are also available for all gowns. Our Signature Masters Graduation Cap, Gown, and Tassel packages are affordable options for any faculty member or new graduate.  

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