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Academic Regalia & Faculty

No matter how distinctive or varied your regalia needs are, Acadima offers a full range of academic regalia to fit your specific requirements. We have the right apparel options for your faculty and staff. From varied faculty and graduate gowns, tassels, colorful stoles, to the correct cap shape and size, Acadima can achieve your exact regalia requirements at the right price.

Some of our options include:

  • Bachelor’s cap and gown available in 16 colors
  • Bachelor’s hoods in a multitude of colors
  • Master’s caps, gowns, and hoods
  • Doctorate tams, gowns, hoods, and beefeaters
  • Accessories such as honor stoles, honor tassels, and honor cords
  • Graduation medals and diploma covers

Our high quality line of materials even includes ecofriendly material for the environmentally conscious faculty member or graduate.

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