Clergy, Pastor & Minister Shirts

4 Item(s)

4 Item(s)

Clergy Shirts for Daily Clerical Services

Distinctive and comfortable, this everyday clerical services shirt is tailored with durability and quality in mind. Crafted with a combination of cotton-woven and poly material, this shirt is perfect for the day-to-day ministry service. Acadima makes these double-stitched shirts stronger for durability.

In either long or short sleeved, these shirts are offered in either black or white. Each shirt is equipped with extra-strength button threads and fully finished hems located inside the shirt. Add impact to the neat, elegant, and modest look with collars that are crisp.

Save money with free delivery on standard processing time. Save even more money when you order two or more shirts. Order from Acadima online or by fax today and find quality clergy shirts at affordable prices.

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